Poker is more than just a game for entertainment. People willingly participate because of the potential wins and the chance to be declared grand winners. The beckon of the grand prize is very hard to resist, so why do so? Aiming to be a pro gamer? Let the legends take you on a motivational journey so you can better explore your potential. We’ve listed some of poker’s biggest names and brightest stars. Their success didn’t come easy.Poker Online

Many tried but only a fair few succeeded. However, this should not dishearten you. In fact, the stories of these winners should inspire you to be better at your games.

Nicklas Heinecker

German pro gamer Nicklas Heinecker is more of an online player than a live one. But at Guangdong’s main event on 2013 he, among 70 others, entered the field. It was recorded as history’s biggest poker win. He often frequents high-stakes online games with real currencies on the line. His last table wasn’t easy. All of the players are acclaimed poker pros in their respective places but Heinecker proved victorious in the end, taking home the biggest payday in history to date.

Macau is often known for Baccarat. But during that night, it was all poker and the best ones who played it was rewarded.

Glen Chorny

Chorny became the ultimate winner of European Poker Tour’s fourth season, beating around 842 players. The entire week was nothing short of intense and exciting. After succeeding in the preliminary and semi-final rounds, Chorny went through one of the biggest challenges of his career on the championship table. But everything was worth it.

Phil Ivey

This guy needs no introduction. He’s a superstar in Pokerstars and in ever cash game or tournament out there. He’s joined the leagues and World Series of Poker as one of the pros. And the highlight of his sterling pro career was his 2014 Aussie Millions Championship win.

After the win, he stacked it with another one when he bagged the WSOP bracelet on the same year. His 10th one by the way.

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