Why do you need a guide? Is it so difficult to find an establishment that meets your expectations? It is obvious that we have fairly strict selection criteria. We will focus on various points that seem to be essential for this casino/player relationship to be as interesting and enjoyable as possible.

It’s very simple: as a player on a Swiss online casino, you are looking for two things: first, make money. That’s why we need to find “interesting” offers, such as those you find by clicking here, to put the odds on your side. And then you also visit an online casino in Switzerland to have a good time, to relax, hence the term “pleasant”.

. For example, if you want to “play online casino” from your smartphone, we advise you instead to turn to a mobile casino. However, if you want to play directly on your computer, you will need to determine whether you want to play on a free online casino or on an online casino with downloadable software. Personally, we prefer online casinos without downloads that allow you to test in a Flash version lot of casino games.

Here are our last two tips to make sure you play safely

Do not forget to analyze the bonuses offered by your bookmaker! The most beneficial is probably the free bonuses that allow you to play in real money and without the need to deposit. It is a kind of free bonus without deposit, also called no deposit bonus. Nevertheless, even if the free bonuses are very interesting, online casinos like www w888 offer you other equally attractive offers such as reload bonuses, referral bonuses, loyalty bonuses, etc. We will show them in a future article.

Here is a summary of everything we advise you to analyze on an online casino French-speaking Switzerland

   To rate and select the casinos we offer, we use the following criteria:

  • The reputation of the casino
  • The redistribution rate
  • The proposed bonuses
  • The graphics and the fluidity of the games
  • The availability and rigor of customer service
  • The payment time for withdrawal of gain
  • The general atmosphere

These are all criteria that seem to us to be the basis of a quality casino, a solid casino that can offer you a gaming experience that will flourish! Some of you may have a hard time trusting us the first time.